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These downloads aren’t working right now, and I’m trying to fix it. In the meantime, the same downloads are at my new site, makinglifemorewonderful.com.au

Documents I’ve created

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    If you have any problems downloading these, please let me know the error, device and browser if you can, and I’ll email it to you instead.

    NVC Pocket Guide

    A foldable guide to NVC, with feelings and needs lists, and a brief explanation of OFNR. Instructions for folding it here.

    NVC Pocket Guide (691 downloads)

    Workshop Manual

    My entire 24 page teaching manual, that I hand out in my workshops. (Print it as a booklet if your printer allows that, so you get two pages on each side of the A4 page).

    Workshop notes (342 downloads)

    Two choices

    Diagram showing NVC steps of OFNR, compared to what we usually do!

    Two Choices (390 downloads)

    Feelings and needs lists

    Needs List (272 downloads) Feelings List (267 downloads)

    Learning NVC

    I have a new website, and an online course!

    1 hour video intro to NVC  has disappeared 🙁 …Try this video instead.

    Also, CNVC has a good intro.

    If you really want to learn it well, listen to Marshall’s 9-CD set, now available at Sounds True. It even has a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like it, so you can’t lose 🙂  I’ve listened to it so many times now, and I always get so much new out of it.

    Articles by LaShelle Lowe-Chardé – you can sign up for her weekly emails, they’re always really good.

    Mary Mackenzie’s Weekly NVC Reflections – sign up here

    Thom Bond runs an email course each year called The Compassion Course, it’s great.

    Help with OFNR process – http://www.nvccommunicator.com/ – A website which helps you through the OFNR process, where you can click on the feelings and needs you want … and another one by Thom Bond, but that guides you through writing it down yourself.

    Miki Kashtan, one of the world’s foremost NVC trainers, has made her NVC learning documents available via the gift economy – woot!! (That means you can pay whatever you like for them, including nothing)

    Other (non-NVC) stuff that works for me

    My depression site

    Focusing 5 day email course

    Gorgeous little guide to life, by Lisa Esile

    Byron Katie‘s “The Work”

    Radiant recovery – a diet for your mental health

    The Enneagram system of personality typing

    The Voice of Knowledge, by Don Miguel Ruiz and an except from it, The Liar That Lives In Your Head

    Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It, by Kamal Ravikant – short eBook, currently $2.99, add audio version for $2.99